Essence Of Spring

Four Oaks 039

The design of a room can have many starting points of inspiration, a photograph or painting, piece of fabric or in this case a collection of adjectives which conjured up a vision of spring.

_PPP1875Spring is all about the freshness of light. The sun is sitting higher in the sky, creating shorter shadows; everything seems lighter, fresher, crisper, a new happiness after the long dark winter months. The design objective was about capturing this essence while creating a luxurious sanctuary of calm and joy, hence the colour palette was born.

The feeling of luxury was created with beautiful and intricately embroidered fabrics, mixed with luck velvets and crisp satins, accentuating the smooth curves of upholstered furniture and applauding the detailed buttoning and piping; adding a delicate touch with the soft draping of the bed spread.

An ambience of calm and lightness was achieved by layering subtile tones of neutrals with warm grey and taupe base, adding crispness with fresh duck egg hues. The little cheeky injection of the vibrant cerise pink adds joy and fun, just like the new blossoms of spring. The playfulness of the pink accent is mirrored in the wonderful art from the Number Nine Gallery hanging in the lounge area.


To give the design some structure and to balance out the softness strong geometric forms were incorporated with the use of a linear pattern to the headboard by Lorca (Minto) which takes centre stage and it continues along the walls with a Today Interiors wallpaper Liquid Fantasy.

Depth is added to the ambience with the use of warm wood tones; walnut is wonderful for this, adding interest and detail with its grain.

The carpet  from Jacaranda is hand woven and is inviting to walk on with its detailed ribbed weave and silk like sheen which adds interest to the open spaces.

It was the art of capturing the essence of your clients’ thoughts and feelings with fabric and textures while also embodying a luxurious functionality fit for any top hotel, which has created a spacer that you feel spoilt in every time you visit and you just want to smile.