About CGI

CGI Services

We offer a range of CGI services independently of our interior design service, creating three-dimensional pictures for our clients using architectural CAD plans within 3D modelling software.

Our professional computer generated images include 3D visualisation, 3D plans and photomontage and we provide these services for architects, furniture designers and manufacturers, interior designers and property developers.

Mood Lighting

You can choose the type of atmosphere you’d like us to create and we will apply the right look and feel to your images. Our lighting imitates the characteristics of real-world light pathways and we offer a range of lighting effects from soft daylight through to sultry evening lighting. We can also dress the images with incidental objects and accessories to complement a particular mood and tell a story.


Creating a photomontage can enhance certain projects. If you want to demonstrate how a modern extension will look, we can fix the 3D visual of your extension to a photograph of the existing building to show what the project will look like upon completion. We can also use photographs to give an accurate impression of what would be seen through the window of an interior room.

Working in Partnership

We work closely with you to ensure you get the professional results you need for your own marketing and advertising requirements. If you’d like to take advantage of our design expertise, then we can offer a full interior design and CGI package. However, if you know exactly how you want your CGI to look, we can simply implement your exact instructions.

CGI for Property Developers

Property developers, Asquith, recently used our CGI services and have now sold three of their nine apartments in a listed Georgian property in Edgbaston, although the development is as yet unfinished.

Your Computer-Generated Images

If you decide to commission us for a project, you’ll get one or more images created from agreed viewpoints and showing the exact scale.

We can then either:

  • Use exact material finishes taken from your mood board to create a realistic image, or
  • Use tonal material finishes to create a room depicting form and shape, or
  • Use material finishes from a bespoke mood board, which we’ve created specifically for you.


If our CGI services are of interest to you, please call us on 0121 455 7555 today to discuss your requirements. We’d be happy to provide you with a quote.